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The Digital Dictation System
Designed for Doctors!


Medical dictation and medical transcription has never been easier, and more secure than with Quikscribe digital dictation. Dictation files can now be easily created from a computer, or a third party hand held digital dictation unit, and then sent internally, or encrypted across the Internet for transcription.

Doctors will enjoy these additional features:

Send medical dictation files which incorporate relevant excerpts of the patient's record to be incorporated into your medical dictation audio file. Include graphic images, including photographs documenting the patient's condition.

Files encrypted with 1024 byte (80 times industry standard) encryption for HIPAA compliant transmission over the Internet.

Hands free recording using foot pedal and boom mic.

Easily archive a digital copy of your dictation files without having to save audio tapes.

Create multi-media presentations or training content for teaching, office training, and more. Simply create your presentation and distribute it on a CD, and make training residence, office staff, and other physicians a snap.

Send audio emails (encrypted), to a staff person, or a fellow physician, which display the patient's records, graphics, and your audio message as a multi-media file(recipient must have Quikscribe Viewer to take advantage of multi-media capability).

The Quikscribe digital dictation system begins generating a virtual immediate return on investment, and puts you in superior position to eliminate the repetitive costs and losses associated with traditional dictation methods.

Perhaps the best way to see what Quikscribe digital dictation can do for your medical transcription needs is to look for yourself, and/or demo our software. Watch our brief online videos of digital dictation in action, and download Quikscribe to kick the tires, and see for yourself why we are the #1 digital dictation system period.


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