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Introducing: The #1 Digital Dictation System
Designed for Lawyers, Doctors, and Business!

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Hear it From Our Customers!

"Quikscribe has been a tremendous addition to our office. My staff loves the time it saves trying to figure out what's on a tape. Sending the files over our computer network substantially reduces turnaround time, since the files are transcribed as they are finished, instead of when the tape is full! I also like using the cut and paste text feature for capturing case quotes while I do legal research. You've got a winner here, and I would strongly recommend it to every lawyer I know."

Rodger N. Bowman, Esq.

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""Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on dictation systems. I have been using the Quikscribe system for approximately one year. It has met or exceeded all my expectations. The Quikscribe staff was very helpful in setting up this program. The software has been very reliable and the hardware is extremely easy to use. The Quikscribe system was easily my best investment in 2003." "

W. Mark Broadwell
Hampton, VA

Quikscribe Digital Dictation Changes
the Face of Document Authoring

Your dictation system is costing you time, money, and convenience, unless you are using Quikscribe, the #1 digital dictation system designed for lawyers, doctors, and business professionals. This revolutionary digital dictation system offers features you simply cannot get in other tape, or digital dictation systems anywhere.

Using a special proprietary format called the "Intelligent Audio File" ("IAF"), our digital dictation system takes you well beyond the mere creation and transmission of an electronic audio file, and allows you to transmit form documents, cut and pasted text, graphic images, and more, directly in your audio file, and exactly at the point in the file where you want the transcriptionist to refer to it. No tapes with hard copy documents attached to them anymore. Send your complete package directly to your secretary's computer desktop in seconds.

Don't let the word proprietary scare you! Our digital dictation system is compatible with all major digital dictation formats, so you can use the input device of your choice and still take advantage of the unique benefits of Quikscribe Digital Dictation.

The Quikscribe Digital Dictation System

The Quikscribe digital dictation system is a new state-of-the-art dictation and transcription system, that turns your PC into a digital dictation or digital transcription machine. The Quikscribe digital dictation system is easy to use because it offers the following benefits:

  • Familiar Interface - Low learning curve because it looks and feels like your current system;
  • Eliminates tapes (including damaged, and lost tapes);
  • Allows digital dictation files to be sent across your computer network or across the Internet by e-mail for transcription;
  • Expedites processing and return of your transcription projects in ways no tape system can;
  • Insert text or full documents into your audio file for transmission to your secretary;
  • Send files by encrypted email for maximum confidentiality;
  • Automatic file notification and priority so your secretary knows work is waiting;
  • Allows you to archive and save your original digital dictation file without saving tapes;
  • And much more!

Join us for a Demonstration!

We could tell you all day about how other professionals are benefitting from our digital dictation system, but the best evidence would be your own trial. Why not judge for yourself by contacting us for a demonstration of the Quikscribe digital dictation system, or you can demo it yourself on your own computer. You can also learn more about digital dictation systems before you invest in one, by simply reviewing this site.

If you are looking for a simpler, faster, and more cost effective way to get your transcription projects turned around, you must take a look at this incredible digital dictation system. Don't delay - contact us today, and see for yourself why Quikscribe is the #1 digital dictation system period!

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