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Resources for Lawyers

Be sure to visit The ESQlawtech Instant Resource Directory the next time you are looking for a court reporter, process server, expert witness, investigator, or any other type of legal resource. The ESQlawtech Instant Resource Directory is a division of The ESQlawtech Weekly, a law office technology ezine, which is free to lawyers and legal professionals. Register for the ezine at http://www.mylawtips.com.

Resources for the Medical Community

The Medical Transcription Education Center provides a comprehensive and effective distance education program for individuals unable to attend an onsite institution of higher learning yet wish to pursue a career in one of today's fastest growing and most challenging professions. We are proud to offer diploma and certificate level medical transcription training for beginners with no prior experience, health care professionals wanting to make a career change, and the MT seeking certification as a means to continue their education and professional development.

Medical Transcription Programs | Medical Transcription | home-study program | distance-learning programs | online training


Softlog Systems is Australia's leading developer of disbursement recovery and expense management solutions. Allowing professional organisations such as legal and accountancy firms around the world to automatically capture disbursement costs for on-billing to their clients and to significantly improve their revenue recovery levels.

Now Softlog's e-Solution Integration provides firms with unrivalled integration and connectivity for Quikscribe, allowing you to take full advantage of convergent technology trends and to merge cost capture data from Quikscribe into your Softlog expense management and cost recovery solution.

Softlog's comprehensive query, reporting & database management tools combine with automated features such as automatic download to you accounting system to allow your firm to gain maximum benefit with minimal intervention.

For further information about Softlog's e-Solution Integration for Quikscribe and other third party systems, contact your Softlog Account Manager on 1800 773 391.

CD to Wav Ripper

If you have audio CD's that you would like to transcribe with the Quikscribe Player, make sure that you download"FreeRIP MP3". It is a free software application that can save audio tracks directly from compact discs (without going through your sound card) as WAV files.



Spellex is a leader in software spell checking solutions. Thousands of the world's most successful companies rely on Spellex for fast, accurate spell checking. Whether your need is for a specialty spell checker for medical, legal, or scientific terminology or a general spell checker for your Web site or custom application, Spellex has a software solution that's right for you. Below is just a few of the products that they created. For more information visist www.spellex.com


If you're looking for a medical spellchecker, but don't have the budget for a premium medical speller like Spellex, then MediSpell might be the product for you.

Includes thousands of critically important terms from medical, surgical, chemistry, and laboratory terminology.

Covers 35 medical specialties including: anesthesiology, biology, cardiology, hematology, immunology, internal medicine, neurology, nursing, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, toxicology, urology, and more!


Sound Forge

If you want to make C.B.T (Computer Based Training) content using the Quikscribe Recorder and you want to do some serious post-editing, we recommend that use Sound Forge as it is one of the best audio editing applications on the market.

When you export a .wav file from the Quikscribe Recorder that has markers within it, the Quikscribe Recorder automatically saves all of the marker information into a separate text file with the same filename prefix. When the audio file is opened by Sound Forge, all of the marker information is associated with the audio file. Which means if you add or delete audio, the marker positions dynamically change accordingly. When you save the audio file, the text file is then automatically updated, which means when you reimport the audio file back into the Quikscribe Recorder, and of the marker timings are automatically updated also.

Note: If you plan to do post-editing using Sound Forge, make sure that you record using "No Compression" that way when you import the audio file into Sound Forge, the audio does not need to be decompressed, edited and then re-compressed, which will cause the audio quality to degrade. The only time a file should be compressed is when content is finished and ready to distributed.


Virtual Business Australia

Virtual Business Australia is the home for Virtual Business Associates and those seeking their services. A Virtual Business Associate uses available technology to deliver services to clients locally and/or internationally.



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