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Digital Dictation Systems

As you look around the Internet, you will find that there are many digital dictation systems out there. On their face, most digital dictation systems appear to do the same thing; they create a digital dictation audio file using your computer instead of tapes. Some digital dictation systems offer a limited number of additional features like the ability to send digital dictation files by encrypted email, or the ability to transmit other information to accompany the digital dictation audio file.

As you might expect, prices vary dramatically with some digital dictation systems appearing to be great deals when evaluated on price alone, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. And what is inexpensive to purchase today, may actually end up costing you money down the road, in lost efficiency, and capabilities.

Before, you purchase any digital dictation system, determine what features would be important to you. Ask a trained representative how particular features would be used in your environment, and assess how those features would save you time and money. Only then, can you compare features among the various digital dictation systems available today.

The little bit of additional time you take in comparing digital dictation systems will pay off both short term and long term, so be sure to take the extra effort. As a guide, any digital dictation system worthy of your consideration should have the following features:

Ability to create compressed audio files in real time. Most digital dictation systems compress the file after you have finished dictating, which means you have to wait extra time for the file to be ready to send for transcription.

Ability to cut and paste text from other documents, and insert those clippings directly into the digital dictation audio file, right where you want the transcriptionist to put it. Other digital dictation systems merely allow you to attach documents much the way you would send an email attachment, but the transcriptionist still has to wade through them to find what you want to insert.

Ability to insert pictures, graphic images, full documents, including PDF's directly within the digital dictation audio file. Again, most digital dictation systems would only allow you to do this as an attachment, not specifically placed in your document!

Ability to encrypt your digital dictation audio file at the file level, for security purposes. Most digital dictation systems that allow encryption do it through "File Transfer Protocol" which means that you are dialing into a secure connection on the Internet and transmitting the file to be downloaded by the recipient. It is much faster to simply encrypt the file itself automatically, and send it directly to the recipient, the way the Quikscribe digital dictation system does.

Ability to create digital dictation files that can be viewed as a multimedia presentation. Sorry, you won't find other digital dictation systems that can do this. The ability to create business presentations, training content and tutorials, and other multimedia presentations, is unique to the Quikscribe digital dictation system.

Ability to automatically notify the transcriptionist when a digital dictation audio file is waiting to be transcribed, even if the digital dictation system is not open. Most digital dictation systems don't offer file notification features, and those digital dictation systems that do require the program to be open in order to use that feature.

If the digital dictation systems you are evaluating don't have these minimal features, you may ultimately lose the value of your investment in digital dictation. Be sure not to sell yourself short by shopping only price.

And, don't be afraid to test drive a system before you buy. Again, the additional time you take to compare digital dictation systems will pay off for you in the long run. Watch our brief online videos of digital dictation in action, and download Quikscribe to kick the tires, and see for yourself why we are the #1 digital dictation system period!




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