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Olympus DS3000 Digital Voice Recorder

Mobile digital recording has never been easier with the Olympus DS3000 and DS2000.

The Olympus DS3000 digital voice recorder sets new standards and truly satisfies professional demands. This high-end model not only assures users the freedom of mobile operation but is also an impressive office tool. Once connected to the PC, via the USB interface, the possibilities are greatly enhanced.

Besides direct dictation from the DS3000 to the computer, the innovative software also enables fast and efficient file management, editing, automatic e-mail transfer, transcription and archiving. Files are saved in the high-quality, high-compression DSS format and format and stored on removable SmartMedia memory cards for effectively unlimited recording. The ergonomic design guarantees one-thumb control over all important functions. With ten "work types", the user can assign subject names to recordings for easy retrieval. Ten "user IDs" help identify a file's author.

Olympus DS-3000
Digital Voice Recorder

Key features and benefits
Digital voice recorders benefits Removable Media (SmartMedia Card) Digital voice recorders benefits Power jack, Microphone and earphone jacks
Digital voice recorders benefits PC interface with USB and or SmartMedia Card Digital voice recorders benefits Author ID setting (10 ID's)
Digital voice recorders benefits Max. recording time 22 hours and 20 minutes Digital voice recorders benefits Work Type ID setting (10 work types)
Digital voice recorders benefits DSS file format Digital voice recorders benefits Erase protection file
Digital voice recorders benefits Alarm Playback and New Button Digital voice recorders benefits Direct recording to PC if required
Digital voice recorders benefits Overwrite / Insert Recording / Partial erase Digital voice recorders benefits Automatic start-up when connected to PC

How to link the Olympus DS3000 and Quikscribe Recorder together
The Olympus DS3000 Digital Voice Recorder comes installation / interface software that enables you to download DSS audio files to your PC. Once you have installed this software, do the following, so as to link the Olympus DS3000 Recorder and Quikscribe Recorder together

Within the Olympus software, do the following
1) Select Tools from the main menu.
2) Select Options from the drop down list
3) Enable Auto Download and Delete

Within the Quikscribe Recorder software, do the following
1) Select the Settings Icon
2) Select the File Management Tab
3) Change the DSS Path to C:\Program Files\Olympus\DSSPlayerPro\Message\FolderA

By doing the above steps, whenever the DS3000 Recorder is plugged into the USB download cable, the Olympus software will auto-detect the DS3000 and ask if you want to download DSS audio files. If you select YES, the DSS audio files will automatically download and the original DSS audio files on the DS3000 Recorder will be deleted. If you then start the Quikscribe Recorder software, the DSS files will automatically be found and converted into IAF (Intelligent Audio Files).

Note: If the Quikscribe Recorder is already open and you have downloaded DSS audio files, simply select the File menu within the Quikscribe Recorder and select Scan for DSS files.

Note: DSS audio files can only be converted to IAF (Intelligent Audio Files) if the the Olympus software is installed on the same PC. Therefore, if you do not have the Olympus software but you wish to transcribe DSS audio files, you will need the person who is sending the DSS audio files to download and install the Quikscribe Recorder and have them convert the DSS files to IAF before sending them to you. Lastly, make sure they do not attempt to send you a WAV file from the Olympus, as this audio file will be ten (10) times larger than an IAF (intelligent Audio File)

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